Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Motifs: Nozarashi

About kimono, sometimes we come across the motifs of ghost or skull bone. Men's kimono have them comparatively often compared to women's one. If we find them in vintage kimono, the price must be very high for its rarity. Once I have seen a beautiful ghost motif yuzen kimono offered at an auction, pirce was amazingly high. Skull bones motif is called 'Nozarashi', which means ' bodies exposed ('sarasu') in the field ('no'). There are some folk or horror tales about Nozarashi, and it was seem to be popular motif at a term. Nozarashi was considered to be a symbol of the kind, which means the courage or preparedness. Nozarashi motif in the shoubou banten (firemen's jacket) is the very good sample of it.
(source: Ichiroya blog, Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA)

野晒の扇面 "Nozarashi fan", Edo Period.
source: 佐賀大学付属図書館 貴重書コレクション

Don't quarrel my honey, in the end, both of us become such a skeleton.
(Date Masamune's Last Instructions, Sengoku period.)
source: 伊達政宗公遺訓 松島博物館所蔵 (画像は複製をもとに作成)

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